Josh & Sarah | Proposal

Jordan and Josh have worked together for a few years. When Josh asked Jordan if he could talk to him for a second, it was nothing out of the ordinary - until we found out what Josh wanted to talk about. 

Josh was proposing and wanted to know if Jordan would be willing to hide out on the Pedestrian Bridge to document the occasion. 

It's a good thing Josh had that conversation with Jordan. If he'd had it with me (Kacie), I would've just sobbed right there. I LOVE proposals and I love that Southern Picture got to be part of this one. 

Josh wrote a note for Sarah and had Jordan leave it on the bridge for them to "find" on their date that night. Jordan, having planted the note, staked out the area and waited for the lovebirds to arrive. It was so cold, and so worth the wait. Just look at these moments he captured!

Stay tuned for some pictures from our engagement session with Josh and Sarah!